Custom Designs & Alterations

Make Your Closet Fit Again


Make your closet fit again with Alterations by Denisha Designs. We are a unique alterations shop, which understands the needs of our customers. We offer  personalized service to you in the privacy of your own home. We also offer personal wardrobe consulting, styling and more. So rather you want to re-design your wardrobe, fix it or just looking for that perfect fit we can help. Give us a call today! 




Basic Alterations

Alterations make a great impact on your overall apperance. Ever put on a dress and the sleeves are too long? Or a pair of pants and they just don't fit right? Maybe you have been losing weight and just don't want to purchase a new wardrobe. Alterations are the way to go. Allow us to make your clothes a perfect fit for your body.

Custom Garments

Custom clothing is just like it says. Made especially for you There is nothing like having a dress that is made just to fit you. Custom garments give you the perfect fit for your body. So rather you are w

Sewing Classes 
Craft Classes

Learning the skill to sew is priceless. This skill can save you thousands and give you the ultimate self gradification. Denisha Designs offers children sewing class as well as adult sewing classes. Please join us for a class or to and take part in this wonderful learning experience. Check out our Sew Fun Jax tab.


Special Occasion Alterations

You only have one wedding day. Why not make it all about You!

Maybe you just want that dream dress that you can't find anywhere. You could also have your dream dress but it needs alterations to come alive we can do that too. We are here to help you have the wedding of your dreams. We would be honored that you would choose Denisha Designs to help to design or alterate your wedding garments.We make every stride to make sure all the details that are important to you are done and done right!