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Custom Clothing

Denisha Designs specializes in custom clothing for the entire family. Schedule 1 on 1 time with Denisha Sylvester to discuss your ideals. Please call us at 904-595-7391 for consultation appointment. You may also click the link below for a consultation as well. We look forward to making your next favorite outfit!

MCM these guys right here
Don't be afraid to make a fashion statem
Marvelous Monday nothing like a fierce m
WCW goes to my amazing model _nel_nutell
Denisha Designs 50
Denisha Designs 15
Denisha Designs 18
Denisha Designs 53
Denisha Designs 33
Denisha Designs 61
Denisha Designs 17
Denisha Designs 8
Denisha Designs 44
Denisha Designs 26
denishadesigns african1
denishadesigns fashion5
Sequin shirt and tutu set
Introducing our first school uniform style outfit. This is available in sizes for 4t to 8
Kimono Monday Found this fabric with the crosses and loved it
Meet _thelast_lenox one of my beautiful models rocking the crush velvet halter and skirt set
Another custom kids gown by me. I love making children's clothes
I'm always teaching &sewing for others I finally took time to make my birthday skirt!!! Yes I am tak
Lady in Red and now here's a princess in red
I love sewing outfits for my clients. She had a ideal, I brought it to life. And here it is so sorry
All finished.Yes yes introducing ankara styles for boys by Denishadesigns. Custom ties and pants. Sw
Floor length Ankara style maxi skirt yes it's lined as well. Love this summer print I'll have a happ
denisha designs
From fabric to Fashion that's what I do this is one of my winter designs have to bring the florals b
denisha designs black white
When you always sewing for everybody else and tou finally decide to slay yourself tribal print merma
Can't wait to see this walk down the runway#denishadesigns #sewcreative #beautyqueen #instamodel #fa
Red is still the color of the day. Full satin waste band with sash. Fabric flower yes
When client says I maybe curvy but I want tulle. Red hot tulle 👗. I'm loving this 😱 I have Sew muc
denisha fashion
Well of Robin is around batman can't be to far behind
Mommy and me fashions.
denishadesigns fashion6
denishadesigns fashion2
Magnificent Monday this is for the Curvy Girl you can wear this as dress or as a top with leggings
denishadesigns fashion3
Looks like I'll be doing another one of my curvy girl designs this weekend so excited!! #denishadesi
I want to be princess Abby from sesame street she said I can do that...
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